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  • How Do I Schedule?
    You can contact me via a variety of ways, but text is always to easiest for me to answer promptly. If you do not hear from me in 24 hours via whichever communicatory route you have chosen, technology has failed me, or one of my small children has intervened, and pretty please reach out again. I am extremely chatty and do not purposefully miss messages :D
  • Why Do You Need My Email?
    My system through Equipro Connect is extremely thorough and amazing and is e-mail based. Once you are added, my system will send you info forms on you and your horse(s), as well as a consent form to be completed prior to your appointment. Reports and invoices are sent out within a day of your appointment via email. I can also dispatch reports to anyone on your care team you so desire.
  • Are You Accepting New Clients?
    The majority of my clients are on a regular set bodywork schedule and these clients get scheduling priority. While I am always accepting new clients, please understand that initial appointments with a new client may not be available until 3-5 weeks out. Referrals from veterinarians, chiropractors, and farriers are also given priority if needed to ensure bodywork is performed within the correct window around other treatments and procedures.
  • Wait... What Do You Do?
    At the core of all "titles", I am an Equine Massage Therapist. Meaning, I focus on the soft tissue using a variety of proven, time honored techniques such a myofacial release, effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, muscle rolling, IASTM or muscle scraping, passive stretching, and deep tissue release. I also may apply cupping, k taping, redlight therapy, heat therapy, or cryotherapy when indicated. As a rider and owner of quirky horses, I have spent a great deal of time and focus developing my eye for optimal postural and biomechanical development in horses, adding a unique layer to my sessions in trouble shooting the "not quite right but not quite pathological" issues we often encounter with our horses in regards to soft tissue restrictions and imbalances. What I am not - a chiropractor (I do not adjust, manipulate joints, mobilize facets, etc etc), a veterinarian (I do not diagnose, prescribe, or perform lameness evaluations), or a physical therapist (I do not have the credentials to bear this title).
  • How Long Does a Session Last?
    Initial sessions, since there is so much to go over and analyze, typically take 1.5 hours. Regular sessions on horses who I have seen prior take about 50 mins to 1 hour. Recheck sessions is a separate pricing category if I see a horse less that 3 weeks in between appointments, and typically take about 30-45 minutes.
  • How Much does a Session Cost?
    Pricing is based on session type. Full Sessions - $125 (50 mins - 1 hour) Frequent Flier/Recheck Sessions - $100 (45 mins) Multi-horse discounts ($110 a session) are given when there are 3+ horses booked at the same time in the same barn.
  • Do I Need to be Present?
    For initial appointments, I require the owner be present for the appointment. For subsequent visits, as long as your horse is easily accessible and I have an on-property contact to coordinate your visit with, I am flexible on the owner's attendance. Thorough and detailed reports are available to the owner and anyone on the horse's care team regardless of if you are present or not, but if you do have many questions about your horse, your attendance at appointments is highly recommended.
  • What Should I Expect?
    Prior to the start of your appointment, please have your horse caught, dry, clean, and settled (fed, hydrated, cooled down, and kept as close to their normal schedule and routine as possible). Depending on the demeanor of the horse, we may want to conduct a session in their stall (free or loosely tied), held by you as the owner, or tied or cross tied. My preference is for them to be able to move just enough to reposition themselves if needed, for them to have access to fresh water, and for them to be able to turn to look and/or connect with me. The first portion of the appointment typically includes me watching the horse move at the walk, and performing visual observations of their posture and body landmarks, and palpation of soft tissue to obtain an initial assessment. I also want to gather a verbal history or update from the owner on observations and/or concerns. Pre-session photos are taken for the report record and are kept private unless otherwise discussed. The treatment portion of each session is about 45 minutes and will involve a variety of techniques (further discussed here) depending on what the horse needs and is comfortable with. At the end of the session, I like to reassess their gait and problem areas and discuss with the owner a recheck plan and what I would like to see over the next week or so following the session. Post-session photos are also taken for their report.
  • How Often Should My Horse Be Receiving Bodywork?
    This is one of my most difficult questions to answer. I am an efficient, solutions type person, so this is going to depend on what I see with each horse individually and also what your preferences are as an owner. Most of my clients with performance sporthorses are on a 6-8 week maintenance schedule to check in with chronic tension patterns and support healthy, unrestricted muscle development. If we are mitigating an issue or supporting injury recovery along with other members of the care team (vet, farrier, chiropractor, etc), temporarily set appointments at a 2-3 week interval may be recommended. After any initial appointment, I will suggest a follow up at 4-5 weeks so we can observe how the body has processed changes we have made. Sometimes sooner if, again, we are working to mitigate a specific issue. Horses who are low-maintenance (yes, they do exist) or are semi-retired might only see me every 2, 3, or even 6 months. I told you - this is my hardest question to answer!
  • Will I Receive a Report?
    Very thorough, SOAP style reports are generated via EquiPro Connect to reflect my observations during a session. Reports will also contain recommendations to follow up with other professionals, recommended exercises to support your horse in between sessions, recheck and treatment plan advisement, as well as pre- and post-session photos. These reports can be sent by me to anyone on the care team that you request, or you can forward the link you have been provided to your care team as well.
  • What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?
    Cash, check, Venmo, and Zelle. Invoices emailed can also be paid through your EquiPro Portal if you choose to set it up, which accepts payment through the Stripe platform.
  • When is Payment Due?
    I will send an invoice the day of your appointment if payment is not made at the time of the appointment via Cash/Check. Prompt payment is appreciated.
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