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I believe in empowering horses by empowering their guardians - with understanding and compassion - to bring their equine partners to a state of physical and emotional healing.

My approach to bodywork consists of three principles during combined with three principles in between. Your horse's bodywork session is interlinked with the work you continue in your owner-horse partnership outside of sessions.

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Release, Restore, Reconnect

The three R's of my bodywork goals for the horse is to Release dysfunction, Restore symmetry, and Reconnect neuromuscular linkages.


I am ever learning to see things from a different perspective and be able to better help the horse. I have never subscribed to a belief that one thing works for every horse across the board, which is why I study a variety of methodology within my field of soft tissue work so I can meet each horse where they are at and have different approaches to reach our end goals.


To start I will identify the patterns throughout the body, assess different points to establish a baseline understanding of restrictions and the resulting sensitivities, then employ a variety of techniques to restore balance and reset the mind-body connection to release compensatory patterns. These techniques are more often hands on - massage, trigger point, myofascial manipulation, stretching, somatics - but can utilize technology such as Redlight therapy, PEMF, percussion massage tools, cupping or scraping, and kinesiology taping. Horses are also incredibly responsive to energy work (Reiki, B.E.S.T.) and homeopathy (Bach Flowers) to release stress and support their emotional well being.

Retrain, Rebuild, Reinforce

The most progress with your horse is not made in the couple of hours I spend with them every few months, it is in the time in between - and I want to make sure you as the owner are set up for success. I welcome all questions and love to pass along knowledge, and also offer my clients “homework” to ensure progress even in between sessions.

Once we release dysfunction in the body and kick start healing, every single day is spent either supporting or undoing this process. A focus on Reinforcing balance, Rebuilding correct strength, and Retraining for soundness is just as important as the bodywork session itself to achieve your goals.

I make myself available as a resource to my clients not only to provide bodywork but also to ensure they have the support they need to make progress on a WHOLE horse level. This includes nutritional guidance, under saddle exercises, as well as identifying any imbalances the rider, tack, or environment may be bringing to the body, physically and emotionally.


Along those same lines, I am just one member of the extensive team that keeps your horse in the best shape possible. In addition to the owner as a major "team member", so is the stable manager, trainer(s), veterinarian, chiropractor, farrier, saddle fitter, and the list goes on. I enjoy connecting with the other professionals in your horse's life. Having a unified front when it comes to the horse-human partnership is paramount and when professionals collaborate the horse can only benefit.

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